Buying a used vehicle may not immediately sound as exciting as selecting a new vehicle, but when you consider the cost benefits of buying used, you will find that it's hard not to get excited. All you have to do is look at the benefits!

·         No matter how you slice it, used cars are more affordable. They cost less at the outset and depreciate far less drastically than new cars. Current estimates indicate that today’s new cars will face at least 30 percent depreciation of their total value during the first two years of ownership alone.

·         While you may need to put a little more money into the car for repairs due to wear and tear, your regular payments will be less expensive.

·         Many dealerships offer certification programs, such as the Certified Pre-Owned Volkswagen vehicles at our very dealership. These vehicles offer a strong warranty and must pass a 112-point inspection in order to earn their certified status. That means you can buy used with more certainty than ever.

·         Used cars are more reliable now than they used to be. That means that buying a three-year-old vehicle today is less of a gamble, and you can expect to hang onto it a bit longer than your parents hung onto their used cars while you were growing up.  

·         You have more options when it comes to buying used. Rather than just researching the models that were released in the last year, you can have your pick of the last several years.

As you continue shopping for a used Volkswagen car in Baltimore, you can be certain that you are buying into a reliable, comfortable, affordable and enjoyable vehicle when you work with Russel Volkswagen to buy used. 

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