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We understand that some drivers can be nervous about buying a used car. After all, you don't know how the previous driver cared for it properly and if it got the routine maintenance that all cars required. Fortunately, we have an option for them here at Heritage Volkswagen Catonsville: Heritage Pre-Owned Advantage+.  

Heritage Pre-Owned Advantage+

The first thing to know about the Heritage Pre-Owned Advantage+ program is that these aren't just any regular used car. The pre-owned Volkswagen models that qualify for this program are the best of the best. They have passed a 101-point inspection and meet our high criteria for condition and driveability. Each model comes with a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty, meaning that we'll cover the costs of parts and labor if you need any work done during this early time period with your pre-owned vehicle. You also get a complete history report, full of information about ownership changes, services, and more. You know where this pre-owned car has been, you know that it meets our high standards, and you know that we have your back with our Heritage Pre-Owned Advantage+ warranty.  

Why Buy Pre-Owned?

Now that you know how reliable a pre-owned Volkswagen vehicle can be, you should also learn about the many benefits of buying pre-owned. New cars depreciate in value quickly, meaning that a pre-owned car that's just a few years old could be far less expensive than you anticipated. You might be able to afford a higher trim level with more features, or a different model entirely, compared to when you were shopping for a new car. Our pre-owned selection also offers a lot of variety. You might be able to find an older model that offers a feature that's no longer common, like a manual transmission, or a vehicle that you preferred the look of before a new generation. 

Don't delay. If you're in the market for a dependable Volkswagen, visit our Volkswagen dealership serving Baltimore and check out our selection of pre-owned models today! See how the Heritage Pre-Owned Advantage+ can benefit you! 

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