SUVs provide a level of utility, power, and comfort that you won’t easily find in something like a compact sedan. Our Volkswagen dealers at Heritage Volkswagen Catonsville also understand that more goes into buying an SUV than just picking out the first decent one you spot in our showroom.  

The SUV is designed to hold both people and cargo with ease, while at the same time providing a variety of powertrains that do a decent job at hauling it all. In recent years, there has been a evolution in terms of what drivers have come to expect from an SUV. Nowadays, a SUV ought to be moderately fuel efficient on top of providing solid engine power and decent interior sizing.  

When purchasing a SUV though, you should look for more than just a blend between fuel economy and power capacity. One major bonus of many modern SUVs is the fact that they’re packed with plenty of safety technology, as a result, these kinds of vehicles are a top pick for parents who want to enjoy greater peace of mind on the road. So, when shopping its good to keep and eye out for features like adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, and active lane control.  

Another thing worth considering when purchasing an SUV, particularly in the Baltimore area, is the drivetrain. A drivetrain that funnels power to all four wheels is almost always going to excel far better in rough weather than one that focuses that same power into just two. So, when purchasing an SUV you may want to consider purchasing one with either a all-wheel or four-wheel drivetrain to ensure better traction when road conditions aren’t so great.  

At Heritage Volkswagen Catonsville, we’ll do more than just provide you a brief buying guide, we’ll walk you step by step throughout the entire car buying process. From new Volkswagen SUVs to sporty sedans, our dealers can show you everything that that Volkswagen brand has to offer and then some.  

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